Saturday, 13 February 2016

New Stuff! - Feb 16 Stamp Releases

I’ve been looking at the latest releases from two of my favourite  UK brands and deciding whether I should succumb or resist.


Uniko have released 4 new sets.

The sentiment set is quite basic, but at £4 it’s a good investment if you don’t already have many sentiments.
‘I Love Tea’ features a large tea cup. The bowl of the cup is blank , so perfect for a stamping a pattern on or paper-piecing. 
‘Some Bunny’ has a stuffed rabbit stamp and I like that it is sitting down as I can imagine perching it upon something – a pile of books, a sentiment…. 
‘ Beautiful Blooms 3 ‘ is a multi-step floral stamp set, such as we’ve previously seen from Alte New.

Resist or Succumb?  I would have succumbed to the floral set, but even though I went there on release day, it had already sold out.  I am quite tempted by the bunny, but am resisting for now…..

Clearly Besotted

Clearly Besotted have released 7 new sets, mostly with matching dies.  Some of these sets also feature multi-step stamps. 
There are two sets of Easter chicks: one outline set and the other with solid shapes for the chick bodies – the idea being to stamp the faces on. I have one of their older sets ( Rockin Robin) , that uses this same idea, but unfortunately I’ve never really got on with it.
There are two special ‘themed’ sets – one for parents-to-be (nesting) and another for sympathy cards.  Another set, ‘You are Wonderful’ has a glass bowl and some bouquets to put in them. (I have a Stampendous set with a similar idea).
My favourite of the new releases is Pirate Party. These are cute and fun with lots of elements for building scenes.The only way I would improve these is by a little more ethnic diversity in the pirates - it's sometimes nice to give a child a card where the character could possibly be them. 

Resist or Succumb?  I think it’s going to be Ahoy There Matey to the Pirate Party set.

Just so you know, I've no connection to either of these companies and I hope they don't mind me using their images for review purposes. 

My personal blog is My Perfect Life. 

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